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POME/Palm Sludge Oil

POME is a by-product of palm oil extraction process. Also known as palm oil sludge, it is floating residual oil that separated during the palm oil mill effluent discharge to the pond. These are small amount of oils that fails to be extracted and end up in the open pond together with wastewater. These oils contain very high free fatty acids, volatile suspended solids and mineral concentration and not fit for human consumption.

Advance Biofuel Renewable Energy Directive RED II Annex IX of 2018 now includes Palm Oil Mill Effluent as a suitable feedstocks for Biofuel. It also qualified as waste under ISCC. POME is considered as one of the cheapest source of feedstocks in the production of biofuel, soap and animal feed. If you are palm oil mill operator looking for suitable partner to extract pome from your pond kindly email us at or whatsapp us at 01140753165. Our team is professionally trained to handle your needs.